> Any group decision in the past has been done via diebold-o-tron. 

No, this is not true, that "any" group decision has been done via online vote. Or it's true only in the sense that one only considers it a 'group decision' if it was done by online vote. 

The ONLY decisions that have been done by online vote are about the conference, and specifically: which presentations to include on the program, which keynote speakers are preferred, and which hosting proposal gets the conference. 

To my knowledge, no other decision about code4lib has ever been made by online vote.  

I suppose you could say that this means that no other 'group decisions' have ever been made, and yet still a healthy (?) community was formed, which many have found rewarding to participate in, and which some find so valuable that they think it's worth spending their time on improving it.  Just don't "improve" it into something that's no longer what people found rewarding and valuable in the first place, maybe.