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> People did raise specific issues with Zoia which can reasonably be fit into the code of conduct's definition of harassment (many of which have therefore been addressed) so saying "no one has spoken up" seems strange. People did speak up. Some people listened and did something about it; some people objected ~"You're spoiling our fun" and this kind of reaction is what has the potential to make some people nervous about speaking up, because no-one wants to spoil people's fun.

When we're talking about "you're spoiling our fun", are we talking about zoia's offensive plugins?

I don't think I've seen anybody leap to the defense of @mf or @forecast (or any of the others mentioned).  Some people have poured some of their craft beers on the ground for their fallen plugins, but I don't think anybody's actually come out and actively objected to cleaning up the bot's language.  In fact, on the contrary, I think people have been pretty proactive about looking for the things that need to be cleaned up and trying to archive what's there before cleansing.

I am not sure a defense of zoia is the same thing as a defense of @habla or @icp (as two examples).

If we're not talking about zoia anymore, then apologies,