Hi all,

I was meaning to send this out after I had some final confirmation from our sponsors (and frankly, had a more than a few minutes to whip the website together), but it seems the well-oiled DuraSpace PR machine has already started the ball rolling, so:

Please join us at the Fedora House for a preview of Fedora 4.

This February 11th and 12th, we’re opening our doors for two evenings of Chicago deep-dish pizza, craft beer and code. We want to share what  we’ve been hacking on and we’d like for you to join us. We want your input about what you want from Fedora 4 (pull requests welcome).

We’ll have committers from the Hydra, Islandora, Blacklight and Fedora projects on hand to answer any questions. Register to attend and you’ll be entered into our raffle for prizes including beer from Three Floyds and some special bottles hand-carried from New York and Germany.

Registration, address, other details at:

Just as a heads-up, due to space limitations (and in part, my budget for pizza & beer), we'll have to cap attendance around 25 or so people per night unless I devise some creative uses of the space.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Edwin Shin
Managing Partner, MediaShelf
Fedora Product Manager Pro Tem, DuraSpace

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