Thank you Gail!  

I was also just about to send out a note to the group that Tom Cramer will
be talking to us about Hydra on March 19 at 3:00 EST as part of our March
working group meeting.  I'll send out a calendar invite shortly - but
please mark your calendars.


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>All - PASIG (Preservation Archiving Special Interest Group) and its
>events is relevant to the NDSA Infrastructure group, so I am passing
>this along.
>Save the Date! PASIG Webinar "Digital Preservation in Theory and
>Practice", February 12 8:30am PT
>We are initiating a monthly webinar series in order to share PASIG
>content and insights beyond the annual meeting (next one scheduled May
>22-24 in Washington, DC). The first webinar will be offered by Tom
>Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist, Stanford University Libraries, on
>February 12. Tom has consistently been highlighted as one of the top
>presenters at the PASIG meetings and we feel this content is germane to
>a broad audience involved in Digital Preservation.
>Enrollment details for this webinar will be publicized in the next few
>days. Please Save the Date!
>Webinar Name: 
>Digital Preservation in Theory and Practice:
>A Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) Boot Camp
>By: Tom Cramer
>Chief Technology Strategist
>Stanford University Libraries
>Over the last two decades, digital preservation has emerged as a
>critical challenge for institutions looking to provide longterm access
>to their information assets. This webinar will introduce some of the
>fundamental needs and concepts that underpin digital preservation, and
>provide a practical, hands-on survey of the best practices, tools and
>strategies in preservation that have emerged only quite recently.
>The content of this webinar comes from the introduction to the
>"Preservation Bootcamp" developed for and delivered               at the
>international PASIG meetings, a semi-annual exchange of architectures,
>operations and best practices of digital preservation among
>practitioners, researchers and industry experts. The PASIG Bootcamp
>provides an introduction to the field and needs in digital preservation,
>and give attendees a foundation of concepts, terminology, standards and
>tools used broadly in the field. This ?Digital Preservation 101? event
>is targeted specifically for those looking to gain exposure to the
>field, or current practitioners looking for a review of the formal
>concepts or broad set of tools currently in use.
>Tom Cramer is the Chief Technology Strategist and Associate Director of
>Digital Library Systems and Services for the Stanford University
>Libraries. He directs the Stanford Digital Repository, and oversees the
>technical development and delivery of the full complement of Stanford?s
>digital library services, including the digitization, description,
>discovery, delivery, preservation and management of digital resources
>that support teaching, learning and research.
>He is a founder of the Hydra Project, and the first adopter and an
>active contributor to Blacklight, two successful open source projects
>rooted in higher education that provide rich and robust solutions for
>digital asset management and discovery. He is an architect of
>Stanford?s digital medieval manuscripts interoperability efforts, and
>currently spending much of his time driving the International Image
>Interoperability Framework (IIIF). Tom frequently leads workshops on
>digital preservation, is the Chair and Co-Director of PASIG (the
>Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group), is a steering group
>member for Open Repositories, and a member of the DuraSpace Board of
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