Dear NDSA Standard Bearers and Best Practicers:  I wanted to send out a 
brief report about the Digital Preservation Wikipedia article project 
prior to our call today.   As mentioned last time, since we began 
working on this project in Nov. 2011, Dina and I have finished resolving 
the editorial objections to the article, provided it with a new overall 
organization (based on our working group discussions), and added a fair 
amount of new content.

We're still working on 3 content areas (best practices for:  email, 
databases, and moving images), but would like to encourage others to 
contribute more substantively to the article or to identify other 
individuals who would be willing to write articles.   We're willing to 
continue to provide some overall editorial guidance as needed.

The article outline, which the group originally vetted and agreed to, is 
posted to Google Drive at: .   It shows in 
green the sections that have been brought to some level of completion 
and in red the sections that still need content.

Since our last working group call Chris Dietrich and Jason Lautenbacher 
(both of the U.S. Park Service) have been working with us on Email best 
practices.    They have agreed to review the current, separate "Email 
Archiving" article, to update it with more current information as needed 
and to try to resolve the editorial objections that have accumulated 
there over time.   Dina and I will be drafting a paragraph or so on 
email preservation for our main article, that will then point to the 
"Email Archiving" article. (Among other things, we're trying to think 
about how far the corporate emphasis on email archiving for regulatory 
compliance and litigation overlaps with the objectives of and best 
practices for long-term preservation for scholarship and research.)


Stephen Paul Davis, Director
Digital Program Division
Columbia University Libraries
[log in to unmask] - (212) 854-8584


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