On Fri, Feb 08, 2013 at 04:39:22PM -0500, Cynthia Ng wrote:
> Just an idea if space is really an issue. Would it be possible to
> simply get a second room next to (or at least nearby) the first one?
> As I image not everyone will be playing the same game, I don't see it
> as a problem.

As I said to Jon. The people here will have to be nimble. The big
problem is as a `historically` commuter campus the open spaces become a
premium late and night. What we will need from those who signed up is
willingness to track email/wiki for changes. I've asked for other spaces
but no word yet. Finally unless you have more than 40, this room will
fit the current number without a problem.  

Also no (as they will find out when they get there) it isn't a matter of
spill over to the next room. 


> On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Jon Gorman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've been getting some questions and I realized there was some
> > confusion about the Game night.  I was a bit late in organizing it and
> > quite frankly haven't done the best job.
> >
> > I put out a request for people to express their interest on by Jan.
> > 14th by signing up on the wiki or sending me an email, but I didn't
> > actually put that date in the wiki and it was only mentioned in the
> > email on this list (which was on the 10th of Jan if I remember).  That
> > wasn't a hard and fast deadline, mostly so we could get an idea of
> > what sized room we need.  However, in the past week or two , we've
> > gotten a lot more people sign up and I've also heard from several
> > folks now that they thought the signup was only for bringing games.
> > As it stand though I realized this morning we had about 15 people
> > expressing interest a month ago and now are looking at over twice that
> > number.
> >
> > I don't want to turn anyone away, but this does pose some logistical hurdles.
> >
> > Mea cupla, this is my fault, not any of the Chicago folks.  I'm going
> > to try to work with the folks on the ground on seeing if we can get
> > another room at the UIC Library. I'll also try to find out some
> > surrounding locations that can serve as overspill, like cafes that
> > would be fine having a table of people show up and play.  I'm also
> > nervous about the number of games vs people who want to play games.
> > If you are attending and can bring some games and teach them, that
> > would be wonderful. (Also, I've run gaming events like this up to
> > about 20 people, but could really use a person or two to serve as a
> > helper.  Mainly that just means joining people to games, answering
> > questions, etc) Due to the scale, I have some ideas like signup sheets
> > for various games at the registration desk, rather like the signups
> > for the newcomer's dinner.
> >
> > Again, sorry about this,
> >
> > Jon Gorman

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