Hi all,

Some quick notes:

Again, there's a sign up for individual games. This will make it
easier for us to get started quickly and also help from having a large
crowd of people just standing around, .  If you brought a
game and want to play it, add it to the list.

We're going to stop playing a little earlier than we had on the wiki.
we're hoping to close and lock the doors at 10:30, so if people should
be winding down at 10:00.

It's recommend to travel back to the conference hotel in groups.

Please bring your badge with so it'll be a bit easier to make sure
folks in the room are people who are supposed to be there.

If there's overflow, we'll try to form groups at the room to go out to
try to find some spaces to game at.  There's some restaurants on
Halsted by the UIC Forum.

Again, the wiki should have the latest info.

Jon G.