Thank you for doing this!

OK, my presentation was on HTML5 video, so let's see if I can help.

What's the source video--where did you get it? How are you planning on
making it accessible? Where will the video be hosted? (Where the video
is hosted could be different from any interface where it is made

If we can make them accessible on the Code4Lib site, I'd suggest
web-optimized MP4 and WebM. If you do the splitting and naming into
individual files in MP4 or another common format, I can try to help
with processing the video into the proper formats.

We'd still need to figure out where the actual video files would be
hosted, though. Can we host them on the Internet Archive? If so, we
could still potentially display them within the Code4Lib pages
dedicated to each presentation. (My cloud rickroll/switcheroo example
was brought in directly from IA. [1])

But I did a quick test and was not allowed to embed a video into the page here:
The video tag is there in the markup that can be edited but that
markup appears to be stripped out when displayed to the user. Anyone
know if that is something that could be fixed or worked around?

Let me know how I can help.



On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 2:20 PM, Tara Robertson
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> Hi,
> I'm editing the video from code4lib into the sesison chunks.
> What format should I export the videos as? Anything else I should be aware
> of?
> Thanks,
> Tara
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