Thank you so much for this. Both your talk, and this essay, are
amazing. I feel like there's 4-6 months worth of material to explore &
contemplate in your post, and marvel at how clearly you've been able
to articulate the last 4-6 months of your own thinking.

I was tempted to open my response with "anarchivist++", partly as an
allusion to your point about "protological control", and partly to
point out that in our own community here we have a form of that as
well, though unlike facebook's "like", it is both owned by & beholden
to _us_... I'm not sure why I think that makes a difference, but I do.

Like Karen, I can say that your words have shone a light on something
that I've also tried to understand. I hear you speaking to what I've
tried to describe as an opportunity to merge an archive's or a
library's narrative with the narratives of users, scholars,
researchers & other interested parties who engage both the resources
in our collections & the ideas, people & organizations those resource
describe. As I read your post, I realize how much the slides in my own
talk about narrative and about context are derivative of the
conversations you & I have had on many occasions.

I think you've hit on something extremely important about the emerging
changes in scholarly publication, and publication in general, and how
they relate to the resources in library, archive, and museum
collections. The relationship between annotation, research,
publishing, conversation, and narrative... I've also been thinking
about that a lot, and now realize one of the missing pieces is

Looking forward to talking about this more,

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Mark A. Matienzo
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> I want to thank the code4lib community for the opportunity to present
> my lightning talk [0] at the conference last week. As I could tell
> from the positive feedback I got in person and via email and Twitter,
> there wasn't enough time to unpack all my ideas in 5 minutes.
> Accordingly, I wrote up a blog post to expand some of the ideas and
> give them a better context [1].
> If you're curious or have ideas I'd love to have your feedback. I know
> I owe several of you emails - I'll get back to you soon!
> xo,
> Mark
> [0]
> [1]

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