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> [...] This split topic I'd like to see maybe in another thread is
> about giving full legal names to web services. If anyone watched the
> PS4 reveal last night, you might have noticed that PS4 is giving up
> gamertags (read: aliases) for full names to easily integrate with
> other social platforms. [...]

Anyone know how they're going to handle namespace collisions, and the
various sexual and racial harrassment that will happen in some games
once you can make assumptions about people from their full names?

Hopefully, they only need be names and not legal full names.

This might amuse some of you: I'm not even the first (or in the first
ten) calling themselves "MJ Ray" on one popular web service - the ones
before me are a diverse bunch, too; and I namespace-collided with
myself at least twice while I was both staff for different departments
and a student at an expanding university - the user database required
full names and required them to be unique... oops!  I don't think
that's the case any longer... ;-)

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