> If you're not willing to provide even your name to make use of a free
> service, then I dare say you are erecting your own barriers. Such is your
> choice, of course, but I don't think others need to be compelled
> to accommodate the barriers you create for yourself.
> And just because the terms of use are not unconditional, or perfectly to
> your liking, does not mean you're not welcome to use it. You are.

"To all the people complaining about the Code4Lib 2014 conference
being unwelcoming because of our new No Clothes Policy, I say you are
wrong. We are entitled to enact our own conditions of entry, and if
you are unwilling to front up naked then you are just erecting your
own barriers. The conference is open and welcome to all - I hope to
see you there."


A different post mentioned namespace collisions - I actually don't
suffer from this, and because of my unique name I sometimes prefer not
to hand it over in certain circumstances (but GitHub wouldn't worry