If you happen to post jobs to you'll notice that you can
now add a location for the job. In fact you are required to fill it in
when posting.

The location input field uses Freebase Suggest just like the employer
and tag fields. When you select an employer the location will
auto-populate with the employer's headquarters location, but you can
change it if the job happens to be somewhere else...which does happen
from time to time. I retroactively applied as many locations as I
could using the employer.

One nice side effect (other than seeing where the job is for in the
UI) is having lat/lon geo-coordinates for the job. I haven't built any
maps into the UI yet, but I did expose the coordinates in the Atom
feed which lets you do this:

The small number of markers is because this is just the first page of
the feed, e.g.

If someone has an interest in playing with LeafletJS or something to
get some map views into proper that might be a fun
experiment, if you have any spare time.

Many thanks to Ted Lawless for the work to get this going, and also to
Mark Matienzo for tirelessly assigning employers to the historic job
postings. There are still a few kinks to work out (some historic
postings that had addresses in non-standard places in the freebase
data), but please feel free to file issue tickets on Github [1] if you
notice anything odd.