I've just been contacted out of the blue by someone working with a joint
Haitian/French human rights organization that needs to create a searchable,
bilingual elibrary on human rights violations in Haiti.  They've secured
hosting in America for various reasons and they have a few thousand or more
documents to store, index and make available.  The lady I talked to had an
interest in using facets and storing the documents in a MySQL db.  I
briefly suggested that Solr and Blacklight might be where they're heading.
I also suggested that she might be able to get more help from an I-school
like my alma mater, UNC-SILS.

If anyone would like to assist her or has some ideas or experience with
such things, her email is reneeasteria [at] gmail [dot] com.

She didn't tell me much more beyond this.  I believe that she doesn't
consider herself a programmer (I bet we would consider her a coder :-) ),
she's been working with statistical software for a number of years, and
that she is able to learn what's necessary.

I'm not sure of any protocols, but I went ahead and CC'd Renee on this

Jason Raitz
NCSU Libraries