There is a small and still unorganized group of folks who are interested 
in setting up a sandbox instance (and later a real mirror) of the Open 
Library which is written in python and in particular, and a 
platform called infogami.

In particular look at the developer tutorial on the Open Library site. 
It's out of date in re the Open Library but may still represent the 
basics of infogami.

Should those of us interested in this set up a communication 
environment? Or should we use this c4l list for a while, until we find 
we need something else?


On 2/15/13 1:38 PM, Andromeda Yelton wrote:
> OK, y'all convinced me; I want to commit something to my very first
> big-girl open source project.
> Now, which?
> * I primarily speak Python (plus Django). I know a little jQuery. I could
> dust off a tiny bit of PHP (though I'd rather not) and am not averse to an
> excuse to learn (more than four hours of) Ruby.
> * I don't work for a library so I don't have access to, e.g., most ILSes; I
> need to be able to assemble the development environment from open-source
> parts.
> * Big ++ if the project has good documentation (not just of the code but of
> how to set up the dev environment, run tests, shave all the yaks, etc.)
> * friendly people ++ too.
> Andromeda
> (and her "copious spare time". ha.)

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