For those of you who took the RailsBridge workshop pre-conference, or 
want to take the tutorial on your own [1], I have pushed the code we 
completed up to the code4lib github account [2] so we can improve upon 
it together.

Some of you have asked about next steps.  In addition to the great 
"next-steps" links at the end of the tutorial, this is a great 
opportunity to take your Rails experience a few steps further, while 
learning how to collaborate remotely in a friendly, helpful environment. 
If you haven't had the opportunity before, coding with others can be 
really motivating, productive, and educational. Plus, there are lots of 
cool directions this little app could go, such as a vote-to-promote 
message board, next-gen diebold-o-tron, or wherever our imaginations 
take us.

If you're interested, the first step is to get a GitHub account and 
"Watch" this repository so you can be privy to any activity on it.  Even 
if you don't add any code, it's worth seeing the type of process and 
negotiation that goes into code collaboration.  I will soon add some 
simple instructions for how to get up and going. Bess mentioned that 
there is a RailsBridge curriculum around git/github in the works?  I 
would love to learn more about this and see if it could be applicable here.

I would also encourage any RoR pros to "watch" and help out in a "group 
mentorship" kind of way as the number of helpers we had at the pre-conf 
was instrumental in making the RailsBridge workshop a success.