So, many of us have a 'link resolver' product, which among other things 
will give you a screen for a journal title (say, JAMA), which lists 
several different licensed full text platforms offering access.

These platforms are usually listed with a vendor/platform name (which is 
a hyperlink), along with a coverage statement.

In most of the UI's I've seen, including most of the out-of-the-box UI's 
from the link resolver products, the vendor/platform name is the most 
prominent/scannable part of the item, while the dates of coverage is 
actually graphically subsidiary and hard to scan.

Whereas, in fact, the coverage statement is the thing most patrons are 
probably most interested in (not all all the time, but most), and which 
it's most important the user notice before clicking on the link to find 
out that coverage was only until 1995 when they wanted recent coverage.

Can anyone show me examples of link resolver UI's that change the 
emphasis in the graphic design to make the coverage statement the 
prominent part?  Either customized local UI's, or different vendor 
products that do this differnetly, etc.

One thing that makes this especially challenging is that while the 
coverage statement is _sometimes_ as simple as "1990 to present", 
sometimes it can include month and even day on both end points, as well 
as volume/issue statements on both endpoints. Which is a lot of 
information. I'm not sure how/if to split it up, and generally need some 
ideas from looking at prior art here, if there is any.

Thanks for any pointers!