I'll jump in with, from a curriculum standpoint, making sure there are a 
variety of class levels offered.  When I went through my graduate 
program there was assistance for people who'd never used email, attached 
documents, created Powerpoints--basic level stuff that was taught by 
myself and other GAs on a 1-on-1 usually,  and there were classes for 
people who were already systems administrators/programmers/etc.

The only mid-level class offered during my tenure was a course on 
database design and XML.  It has proved the most useful class I took.  
While I imagine the curriculum has changed in the past few years at my 
alma mater, identifying and having regular offerings for different 
levels of familiarity would be important to me were I considering 
programs again.


Abigail Goben
Assistant Information Services Librarian and Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago
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