We have lots of old books too, and use the Open Library BookReader [1] 
for viewing.  It's been designed with the iPad and other tablets in 
mind.  I have customized it to work with Djatoka, allowing us "deep 
zoom" and other niceties of using JPEG2000 . However, out of the box, 
you can follow the Internet Archive's recipe [3] of zipping up a variety 
of derivative sizes, which works nicely as well.  It's pretty easy to 
set up.

I should mention that I met a number of folks at the conference who are 
using the BookReader and interested in extending/adapting it in a 
sustainable and cooperative way, with recent projects like the IIIF 
Image API and OpenAnnotation integration in mind.  Let us know if anyone 
else is interested in being part of that discussion and development.  We 
haven't put together a separate mailing list or anything yet, but 
probably will get one together soon.



On 2/22/13 7:50 PM, Kyle Banerjee wrote:
> We have a few digitized books, (some of them are old -- we're talking 500
> years). Sizes are all over the place but the big ones are easily the size
> of a large briefcase.
> We want to make these works more accessible/usable and there's some demand
> to make them available for tablets. What experience do people have with
> stuff like that, and what software/services/methods do you recommend?
> Source files are 600 dpi uncompressed tiffs so they're pretty big and
> there's nothing special about a book being over 10GB in size. Thanks,
> kyle