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> Dumping the data using the [CONTENTdm] web-services API into LOD representations
> is definitely the way to go. CONTENTdm out of the box has no
> capacity to act as an LOD provider.

I've written a simple application, easyLOD, for exposing Linked Data from various sources, and have included a CONTENTdm plugin (there's also a simple plugin to get Dublin Core from a MySQL database and FOAF data from a CSV file). It's at .

To get it to work with CONTENTdm:

1) unzip and put the easyLOD directory in the webroot of a server running PHP 5.3

2) edit data_sources/cdm/cdm.php to use your CONTENTdm server

3) get the alias and pointer of an item in CONTENTdm that has some Dublin Core fields (e.g., in the case of, the alias is 'bcp' and the pointer is '15068')

4) the URI for this item in easyLOD is: e.g., http://path/to/easylod/resource/cdm:bcp:15068

5) to see the RDF representation for this item, issue the command curl -L -H 'Accept: application/rdf+xml'  http://path/to/easylod/resource/cdm:bcp:15068 (of course using an alias and pointer from one of your own collections)

6) to see the human-readable version of this metadata, point your graphical web browser at the same URL.