I use a stand-up desk (actually I have two - one is just a drafting 
table). Right now I'm working on this one[1] which is billed as a laptop 
stand and is adjustable so I can stand or sit. I use it with a regular 
desk, which is where my screens sit. They also have whole desks that go 
up and down, but those are pretty expensive. I like standing to work, 
but after many hours it also can lead to back pain. Being able to 
alternate sitting and standing is great. I also find that there are some 
tasks that are sitting tasks (reading, thinking) and some that are 
standing tasks (writing).



On 2/7/13 9:09 AM, Mark Pernotto wrote:
> Despite my best efforts of sitting up straight, getting an ergonomic chair,
> making sure my desk is a proper height (I'm a tall guy, so my desk is
> 'modified' to reflect this), and I make sure I stand up and at least
> stretch every 30 minutes (or so), my back still bothers me some days.
> I saw a Wired article a few months back hailing the benefits of stand up
> desks (, and
> also found an article in NY Times (
> and wondered if there were any other developers/list members who used them.
>   In my mind, I'm trading one problem for another, and I'm not sure I want
> to be standing up all day long.  On the other hand, my back is killing me
> today.
> Suggestions?
> Mark

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