I got a set of manually adjustable table legs for $50 and a used door for $5 to make into my desk at home.  The manual adjustment is done leg by leg, so it doesn't work for periodically adjusting the height throughout the day -- what it's good for is if you just need an unusual height desk.

Some years back, I found that using a kneeling-style chair some of the time helped a lot.  I couldn't use it all the time because then my knees would get sore!

If there's room in your office, you can add a cycle desk for about 5% of the cost of that elliptical desk.  Only works with a laptop/tablet, not a full-size desktop+monitor+keyboard.  It makes a GREAT break from the regular desk.

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I got my anti-fatigue mat for $56 -

For a mere $4749.99 you can get an elliptical desk :)