Hi there everyone.  A quick heads-up about the open space pre-conference Monday morning (9am-12pm):

We will be in the Boardroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, aka The Conference Hotel Within Which Many of You Will be Staying, from 9am-12pm.

Open Space is intended to be an Open Space, i.e. a place you can drop by a little if you want, so you are invited to drop by, even if you didn't sign up, and especially if you didn't sign up for any other pre-conferences during that slot, that's cool too.  Please do!  

Note, though, that this is not a Big Room, so in the event that we are overrun with a mob of angry post-apocalyptic mad max librarian coder types demanding equal access to open spaces, I will fight to defend the right of the several people who registered in advance to attend to have a place to sit without fear of being trampled, eaten, reverse engineered, decompiled, or otherwise stripped of their rights to behave, even if only for a few hours, like a person who might attend a Board Meeting in a Boardroom.  

Other than that, though, hey, really, please do drop in and say hello!  

And big thanks to Francis and everyone else who made this open space possible. :)

Safe travels to all and see you in a few days, -Dan