"I dub thee...LIBRARIAN!!"

If it looks like a librarian, and talks like a librarian, and does librarian stuff, then I'd say it is one :)


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If you want to call yourself a librarian, just do it. There's no pope of librarianship to tell you otherwise.

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> Andromeda's talk this afternoon really struck a chord, as I shared 
> with her afterwards, because I have the same issue from the other side of the fence.
>  I'm among the 1/3 of the crowd today with a CS degree and and IT 
> background (and no MLS).  I've worked in libraries for years, but when 
> I have a point to make about how technology can benefit instruction or 
> reference or collection development, I generally preface it with "I'm 
> not a librarian, but...".  I shouldn't have to be defensive about that.