A couple of weeks ago, I posted to Stack Exchange's 'Webmasters' site, asking if there were any good feature comparisons of different Javascript 'data grid' implementations.*

The response has been ... lacking, to put it mildly:**

I can find all sorts of comparisons of databases, javascript frameworks, web browsers, etc ... but I just haven't been able to find anything on tabular data presentation other than the sort of 'top 10 list'-type stuff that doesn't go into detail about why you might select one over another.

Is anyone aware of such a comparison, or should I just put something half-assed up on wikipedia in hopes that the different implementations will fill it in?


* ie, the ones that let you play with tabular data ... not the 'grid' stuff that the web designers use for layout, nor the 'data grid' stuff that the comp.sci & scientific community use for distributed data storage.

** maybe I should've just asked on Stack Overflow, rather than post to the correct topical place