I have been very happy working with

You are going to have to answer many of those questions yourself, but this jquery datatable plug-in allows a variety of data sources and has MANY extensions, so it should work for you.

Very simple to use and extensible.

If you perform the level of research into even a single option, share it with the list.


Mark / UF

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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Comparison of JavaScript 'data grids'?

On Thu, 14 Feb 2013, Cary Gordon wrote:

> I have used Flexigrid, but there are several choices, and one of the
> others might better suit your needs.
> I have informally tiered them but my (based on very little) perception
> of their popularity.
> Flexigrid:
> Ingrid:
> jQuery Grid:
> jqGridView:
> SlickGrid:
> DataTables:
> jTable:

Thanks for the effort, That's the sort of thing that I *don't* need.

I'm concerned about what features they have, and which browsers they

For instance:
        How can you feed data into it?
                HTML tables (progressive enhancement)
                some other API
        Can it cache data locally, and if so, how?
        How is it licensed?

        Does it do sorting / filtering / pagination locally, or does it
        require a server component?

        Can you extend the datatypes? (to support abnormal sorting)

        Can you specify a function for rendering?
                (eg, show negative numbers in red, wrapped in parens;
                display alternate info when null)

        Does it support ...
                tree views?
                dynamic groupings?
                column re-ordering?
                automatic table sizing (to fill the view)?
                shift-clicking ranges of records?
                alt/ctrl-clicking multiple records?
                selecting checkboxes (so the table's a form input)
                adding new rows?
                hiding columns?
                infinate scrolling?
                editing of cells?
                adding / deleting records?

        Does it meet Section 508 requirements?

        What's the realistic maximum for:
                number of columns
                number of rows displayed
                number of records total (including not displayed)

... and the list goes on ... that's just some of the significant
discriminators I've noticed when looking at the different implementations.


> On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 9:48 AM, Joe Hourcle
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>> A couple of weeks ago, I posted to Stack Exchange's 'Webmasters' site, asking if there were any good feature comparisons of different Javascript 'data grid' implementations.*
>> The response has been ... lacking, to put it mildly:**
>> I can find all sorts of comparisons of databases, javascript frameworks, web browsers, etc ... but I just haven't been able to find anything on tabular data presentation other than the sort of 'top 10 list'-type stuff that doesn't go into detail about why you might select one over another.
>> Is anyone aware of such a comparison, or should I just put something half-assed up on wikipedia in hopes that the different implementations will fill it in?
>> -Joe
>> * ie, the ones that let you play with tabular data ... not the 'grid' stuff that the web designers use for layout, nor the 'data grid' stuff that the comp.sci & scientific community use for distributed data storage.
>> ** maybe I should've just asked on Stack Overflow, rather than post to the correct topical place
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