gitHub may have excellent startup documentation, but that startup 
documentation describes git in programming terms mainly using *nx 
commands. If you have never had to use a version control system (e.g. if 
you do not write code, especially in a shared environment), "clone" 
"push" "pull" are very poorly described. The documentation is all in 
terms of *nx commands. Honestly, anything where this is in the 

On Windows systems, Git looks for the |.gitconfig| file in the |$HOME| 
directory (|%USERPROFILE%| in Windows’ environment), which is 
|C:\Documents and Settings\$USER| or |C:\Users\$USER| for most people, 
depending on version (|$USER| is |%USERNAME%| in Windows’ environment).

is not going to work for anyone who doesn't work in Windows at the 
command line.

No, git is NOT for non-coders.


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>> (github unfortunately would be a barrier to many)
> GitHub fortunately has excellent startup documentation for new users:
> I recommend GitHub as an entry point to using git (or to "coding" for that matter).
> Hope that's helpful,
> Chris

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