The Office of the Vice-President for Research supports the President's vision
of UCD becoming a research intensive university by building an environment
that supports and attracts world class research, enhances UCD's research
reputation and builds confidence in UCD as a destination for quality research

UCD has developed an internationally competitive research system by creating a
continuum across science, engineering, humanities, business and
the arts through key interdisciplinary programmes that are
underpinned by fundamental research and scholarship. These
programmes partner with over 350 companies, voluntary bodies and government to
address national research priorities and to generate new
knowledge. The outputs of academic research are often
thought to be academic publications however the societal contribution of
university research extends beyond academic publishing. UCD has identified the
need to capture and comprehensively convey the full extent
of outputs from its research activities by further development of its
knowledge-management infrastructure for research. The university now seeks to
develop a technology system to extend the range of capture of research outputs
for storage in, and retrieval from, the UCD research repository and integrate
it with other University systems in a manner that

• Create and build up a comprehensive corpus of academic research outputs over
the course of an individual's academic

• Provide for the documentation of all research outputs (e.g., patents,
methods/protocols, designs, maps, recordings, music, exhibitions,
performances, policies, diagnostics, tools, scales, devices, etc. as well as
engagement activities that transfer and share knowledge and ideas with public

• Provide for the retrieval, analysis and reporting of selections, groupings
and subsets of the qualitative and quantitative data in different ways and
combinations over time.

• Allow for the allocation of measures in the future such as may be determined
to be relevant to evaluation of societal impact of these activities.

UCD is seeking a Project Manager to lead the development of this project in
Phase 1 and guide the design of the
technology system and university wide processes envisaged as key outputs of
the project this year.

**Salary: **€55,000 per annum  
**Principal Duties and Responsibilities**  
Although the post holder may be asked to take on other responsibilities as
required to support the growth and development of the project, the Project
Manager will be primarily responsible for the following

• Establish and implement the governance structures of the project to ensure
best practise in engagement and decision making within the university

• Develop strategic understanding and build the knowledge of stakeholders by
providing synthesis of the state of the art in this field
through consultation with experts and exemplars of best practise in education,
medicine , industry, libraries and government in Europe and

• Work with key staff and experts to develop and produce an overarching
strategic five year maturity framework and roadmap for the development of
UCD's research knowledge management infrastructure which will deliver key
university objectives and meet the needs of its constituencies nationally and
internationally. The roadmap will encompass people, process and technology
streams and associated

• Establish effective working relationships and feedback mechanisms with key
influencers and decision makers in UCD to ensure that initiatives are in line
with strategic plans and that they are implementable within key departments
e.g. UCD Research, Communications, Library, I.T. services,
Management Services Unit, Colleges/Schools, Research Centres, Institutes and
major programmes.

• Develop and provide the programme plan for 2013 with supporting project
plans; take responsibility for the management, implementation and deliverables
of the programme plan for 2013 including the design and implementation of
measures of success and key performance

• Play a leading role in developing and implementing feasible project plans
and facilitate the priorities and sequencing of the work through the Steering
and Technical groups.

• Maintain a risks register and continuous improvements log, provide regular
reporting and maintain all the programme and project documentation in line
with best practise project management

• Work with key stakeholders to identify potential sources of funding and
investment for the ongoing development of UCD's research knowledge management
infrastructure in European programmes and support the development of
partnerships and collaborative funding bids in this

• Perform specified data analysis and studies to support strategic decision
making under the direction of the RMS and reporting manager.

**Selection criteria**  
Selection criteria outline the qualifications, skills, knowledge and/or
experience that the successful candidate would need to demonstrate for
successful discharge of the responsibilities of the post.
Applications will be assessed on the basis of how well candidates satisfy
these criteria.

• MSc Qualification in engineering, computer science, media technologies, arts
, data analytics

• Minimum of 5 years experience in a senior administrative/project management
role within a large complex organisation

• Proven experience in coordinating and managing the development of long
term high-quality projects different stages of the project

• Broad programme or project management experience
preferably in university management
, knowledge management , consultancy , public
policy or R

• Proven experience in establishing and managing meaningful and productive
partner relationships across boundaries between scientific disciplines and
cultures, academia and industry;

The University:[http://ww.ucd

Management Unit:

**Closing date: **23.30hrs on Friday 1st March 2013

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