Hi Matt,

At UNC we've done a fair amount of layering on top of CONTENTdm.  Almost
all of it is done by using the CONTENTdm api to build services.

We've got digital collections in our catalog via CONTENTdm's existing
oai-pmh (see records 3-8 below):


We've added an oembed (1) wrapper so folks can easily consume items from
outside CONTENTdm (sorry to say we've not yet updated the oembed wrapper
to use the new CONTENTdm 6.x style URIs, it's in the queue to get done):


[as an aside we've also written an oembed plugin for omeka (2)]

We syndicate content via ATOM feeds


What should be of the most interest to you is that we in turn consume
those atom feeds in our "geobrowse" (3) discovery tool (along with feeds
from non-CONTENTdm collections).  "Hugh Morton" is one of the CONTENTdm
collections you can explore:

We've also created a service (4) that supports connecting digitized
manuscript content in CONTENTdm from the html version of a finding aid
(wait a second after loading the finding aid and the "digitized" links
will appear).


I can share the api-based service layers of any of these with you if you'd
like, let me know.

Best wishes,

1. and


3. Overview and context for geobrowse:

More specifics on the technology:

The code:

4. Overview of finding aid work:

On 2/20/13 5:25 PM, "Matthew Sherman" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Hello Code4Lib,
>I was wondering if anyone has had success in using digital data or
>resources that are stored in CONTENTdm in any linked data projects.  I
>tried utilizing CONTENTdm data for a small Google Map in the past and
>it quite difficult to use.  At the same time I have not used CONTENTdm in
>over a year so I do not know if they have made it easier to exact and
>utilize information from the system.  I am working on an interview
>presentation and one of the parts I am trying to tackle involves working a
>set of data into a user friendly system related to a specific
>topic, possibly using a map.  I know these folks have CONTENTdm currently
>so I was wondering if I would be able to present a way to work with the
>existing system or if I should be saying that to make this project work
>they need to put it into a different CMS.  Any insight folks have had
>working with linked data in CONTENTdm would be quite welcome.  Thanks.
>Matt Sherman