Hi Ed,

thank you for your work, it is very nice job! I have one comment: some
job description too lengthy to show up in one screen size, so I have
to move the map downside to see the top of the rescription. After I
close the window the map doesn't jump back to the original viewport.
There is a JS solution of this issue, I'll send you it later.

Thanks again!

2013/2/24 Ed Summers <[log in to unmask]>:
> If you happen to post jobs to you'll notice that you can
> now add a location for the job. In fact you are required to fill it in
> when posting.
> The location input field uses Freebase Suggest just like the employer
> and tag fields. When you select an employer the location will
> auto-populate with the employer's headquarters location, but you can
> change it if the job happens to be somewhere else...which does happen
> from time to time. I retroactively applied as many locations as I
> could using the employer.
> One nice side effect (other than seeing where the job is for in the
> UI) is having lat/lon geo-coordinates for the job. I haven't built any
> maps into the UI yet, but I did expose the coordinates in the Atom
> feed which lets you do this:
> The small number of markers is because this is just the first page of
> the feed, e.g.
>     ...
> If someone has an interest in playing with LeafletJS or something to
> get some map views into proper that might be a fun
> experiment, if you have any spare time.
> Many thanks to Ted Lawless for the work to get this going, and also to
> Mark Matienzo for tirelessly assigning employers to the historic job
> postings. There are still a few kinks to work out (some historic
> postings that had addresses in non-standard places in the freebase
> data), but please feel free to file issue tickets on Github [1] if you
> notice anything odd.
> //Ed
> [1]

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