We've only used for this type of service.  We've had a good experience with them.

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Sonoma County Library
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Imaging Hosting Services

Hello All,

We are considering an image host for a special collection.
The collection would be private and only viewable via links added to  and
searched through our online catalog (InMagic)
Has anyone used either of the following and had a positive experience:

   - ImageShack
   - Flickr Pro or Nonprofits(Flickr/Yahoo)
   - WebLife Photo (Earthlink)

These are the ones recommended to me thus far.

We're looking to upload around 6 gig of files.

I'd appreciate any insight any of you might have.

Desiree Yael Vester
Caretaker, OPAC Coordinator
Lesbian Herstory Archives <>