The Fedora Futures project is happy to announce the winners of the fedora4lib Developer Challenge (, an event held at this year's code4lib conference in Chicago to build software to extend and enhance our prototype of Fedora 4.

Fedora Futures is community-driven effort to make major improvements to Fedora, an open-source repository platform for the management, dissemination and preservation of digital content. For more information about Fedora Futures, see: 

On February 11 and 12, the Fedora Futures team hosted two hackfests to introduce our work thus far on the Fedora 4 prototype and developers were challenged to implement to features and enhancements in the span of just 2.5 days.

First Place ($500.00 USD)
Fedora.FS by Stephen Eisenhauer
A filesystem driver built using FUSE which allows a user to mount a Fedora 4 repository to a directory on their local machine.

A TIE for Second Place ($250.00 USD each) 
JRuby on Rails Admin Webapp by Justin Coyne
A Ruby on Rails front-end application to Fedora 4, that uses JRuby to deploy to the same application container as Fedora.
See: and

Solr4 Indexing Service by Kåre Fiedler Christiansen
A descriptive metadata indexing service that uses Solr 4.

The Fedora Futures project is a community-funded project and we would like to thank our generous event sponsors:
Columbia University
Discovery Garden
FIZ Karlsruhe
Northwestern University
Oxford University
Stanford University
University of Virginia
I'd like to extend a special thanks to Oxford University for providing additional support to allow us to offer cash prizes to our winners. And finally, a big thank-you to everyone who participated in the hackfests and to code4lib for throwing another great conference.

-Eddie, Chris, Jason, Adam, Ben, Frank, and Anusha