I think Karen is right in essence.

There *are* windows GUI clients. I haven't used them, and couldn't speak to
how easy they are to setup, understand, and use.

Something about Git (and GitHub) captures a hacker's spirit of sharing,
cooperation, and even the oft missing openness to criticism. Take your bug
reports and accept pull requests.

My impulse is to want to share this with people who hack in other ways;
through art, craft, culture, or otherwise. I'm not sure if we have the
tools to do that in a way that is accessible, but Karen's right that the
default tools aren't them.

- Tom

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 6:42 AM, Karen Coyle <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> gitHub may have excellent startup documentation, but that startup
> documentation describes git in programming terms mainly using *nx commands.
> If you have never had to use a version control system (e.g. if you do not
> write code, especially in a shared environment), "clone" "push" "pull" are
> very poorly described. The documentation is all in terms of *nx commands.
> Honestly, anything where this is in the documentation:
> On Windows systems, Git looks for the |.gitconfig| file in the |$HOME|
> directory (|%USERPROFILE%| in Windows’ environment), which is |C:\Documents
> and Settings\$USER| or |C:\Users\$USER| for most people, depending on
> version (|$USER| is |%USERNAME%| in Windows’ environment).
> is not going to work for anyone who doesn't work in Windows at the command
> line.
> No, git is NOT for non-coders.
> kc
> On 2/16/13 4:25 AM, Sharp, Chris wrote:
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>>> (github unfortunately would be a barrier to many)
>> GitHub fortunately has excellent startup documentation for new users:
>> I recommend GitHub as an entry point to using git (or to "coding" for
>> that matter).
>> Hope that's helpful,
>> Chris
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