At Wed, 20 Feb 2013 11:20:33 -0500,
Shaun Ellis wrote:
>  > (As a general rule, for every programmer who prefers tool A, and says
>  > that everybody should use it, there’s a programmer who disparages tool
>  > A, and advocates tool B. So take what we say with a grain of salt!)
> It doesn't matter what tools you use, as long as you and your team are 
> able to participate easily, if you want to.  But if you want to attract 
> contributions from a given development community, then choices should 
> be balanced between the preferences of that community and what best 
> serve the project.

It does matter what tools you use, which is why people are so
passionate about them. But I agree completely that you need to balance
the preferences of the community.

> From what I've been hearing, I think there is a lot of confusion
> about GitHub. Heck, I am constantly learning about new GitHub
> features, APIs, and best practices myself. But I find it to be an
> incredibly powerful platform for moving open source, distributed
> software development forward. I am not telling anyone to use GitHub
> if they don't want to, but I want to dispel a few myths I've heard
> recently:

It’s not confusion; and these aren’t “myths”: they are disagreements.

best, Erik