At Thu, 21 Feb 2013 10:29:28 -0500,
Shaun Ellis wrote:
> If you read my email, I don't tell anyone what to use, but simply 
> attempt to clear up some fallacies.  Distributed version control is new 
> to many, and I want to make sure that folks are getting accurate 
> information from this list.

Once again, these are not “fallacies”: they are disagreements.

> […]
> Pull-requests are used by repository hosting platforms to make it easier 
> to suggest patches.  GitHub and BitBucket both use the pattern, and I 
> don't understand what you mean by it being a "closed tool".  If you're 
> concerned about "barriers to entry", suggesting a patch using only git 
> or mercurial can be done, but I wouldn't say it's easy.
> ... and what Devon said.

An open tool is Internet email: I can send an email from my provider
( to yours ( A closed tool is github, where I
need a github account to send you a pull request. An open tool would
be one where I can send a pull request bitbucket to github.
(Obviously, bitbucket is as closed as github in this regard.)

best, Erik