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Subject: [Pasig-announce] Preliminary Agenda: PASIG Washington DC: May
22-24, 2013
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Date: Wed, February 06, 2013 11:47 pm
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PASIG, the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group, will be
holding its 12th international meeting May 22-24, 2013, in Washington DC
at the Washington Court Hotel. This independent, community-led meeting
provides a forum for practitioners, researchers, industry experts and
vendors in the field of digital preservation, long-term information
retention, and archiving to exchange ideas, identify trends, and forge
new connections.  

This meeting follows a our October 2012 meeting in Dublin Ireland, where
93% of survey respondents rated the speakers as a "4" or a "5", and 97%
of attendees said the event met expectations.

Speakers and Agenda
PASIG Washington DC will feature the best elements of past meetings,
with a heavy emphasis on practical approaches to digital preservation,
building and operating archiving systems, and research in emerging
technology and methods. The agenda and content are built by the
attendees of the special interest group, but the high level framework
for the meeting will feature sessions on...

+ Digital Preservation Bootcamp -- an optional and highly rated,
introductory session on digital preservation issues, concepts and tools
+ Longterm Preservation Storage Futures
+ Preservation Research, Breakthroughs and Futures
+ Digital Preservation of Audiovisual Media, organized by PrestoCentre
+ Best Practices in Fixity: When & How to Audit Bit Integrity
+ Emulation and Virtualization for Digital Archiving: from Research to
+ Government Approaches to Digital Preservation: A Panel of Current
Directions from National Agencies
+ Cloud Computing Models
+ Archiving Complex Digital Objects, including Databases and Business
+ Practitioners Knowledge Exchange 
+ Lightning Talks "from the Field"

If you have a topic that you'd like to bring to the group, or a speaker
to propose, please contact Art Pasquinelli (see below) and me. 

Registation information will be posted shortly. A block of rooms at the
hotel will be reservable on a first come, first served basis. In the
meantime, save the date!

Special Events and Sponsors 
A free, optional Oracle Technology Day focused on Tiered Storage
Architectures, Long-term Information Retention, and Content Management
Solutions will precede the conference on Tuesday, May 21.  

If you would like to help sponsor the event, or have a topic to offer,
please don't hesitate to contact Art Pasquinelli 
<[log in to unmask]> for more information. 

- Tom

 | Tom Cramer

 | Chief Technology Strategist, Stanford University Libraries
 | PASIG Co-Director and Chair
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