Hi Bill,

There actually is a bit of manual curation that goes on behind the scenes.

shortimer (the app at subscribes to the code4lib
discussion list looking for emails that have "job" in the title. It
also subscribes to the atom/rss feeds of a 5 or 6 relevant job sites.
When it finds a job at any of these places it puts them in a queue [1]
where it waits for some logged in user to come along and:

* decide if it's appropriate for code4lib (not all are)
* make sure it hasn't already been posted recently (a duplicate)
* assign an employer, location, and any tags (using Freebase entities
behind the scenes)
* clean up any formatting issues
* click "publish" which pushes it out to the Web, Twitter and here
(the discussion list) if it didn't originate from here

Your question made me curious to see how many edits have been made by
curators so far: 10,451. This isn't bad considering the site has only
been operation for a year (28 edits/day) and is operating on the
kindness of strangers. You can see what users have edited jobs on the
jobs view pages. Mark Matienzo and Jodi Schneider deserve a special
thanks for their work curating job postings.

I hope this takes some of the mystery out of
Patches to the about page [3] and elsewhere are (of course) welcome



On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 10:05 PM, William Denton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> On 11 March 2013, Ed Summers wrote:
>> Apologies for this duplicate...I leaned too heavily on the new "recent
>> jobs from this employer" which didn't alert me to the duplicate since
>> it was posted under Princeton Theological Seminary and I put it under
>> Princeton University ....
> Ed, does this amazing jobs site require your hand on the dial?  I thought
> you'd coded it all into magic and it just worked.
> Bill
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> William Denton
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