This research position involves investigating the organization and operation
of digital archives and content distributors that share similar features with
the Brandon Center Digital Archive (BCDA). The outcomes of this work will be
used to inform the development of the BCDA.

This job is well suited for a graduate student with research interests in the
operation of digital archives and libraries. The selected candidate will focus
on surveying the operation of organizations similar to the BCDA, review
literature on digital archives with the intention of synthesizing principles
from those sources for implementation, and carry out interviews and on-site
observations to glean insights from other key institutions/organizations.


The researcher will be responsible for carrying out and providing written
reports on research activities to the Brandon Center Digital Archive team and
its stakeholders. This information will be used to make decisions for the
nascent digital archive, helping to establish its advisory groups, strategies
for sustainability and growth, policies and governance structures, and long
term vision for its role as a digital archive and community for education

Research responsibilities will include surveying related digital archives and
content distributors, connecting with archivists and other digital library
specialists to document their work and contributions, reviewing and analyzing
relevant literature and reports on digital archives, as well as carrying out
interviews and on-site observations to learn from key
institutions/organizations that share important characteristics in common with
the BCDA. In addition to reporting on research activities ? including written
reports on research questions, methods, and findings ? the researcher will be
expected to assist the BCDA team and stakeholders with developing
recommendations for best practices and sustainability of the archive.

Required Qualifications*

  * Bachelors degree and some graduate work
  * Demonstrated ability to learn about and understand digital archives and libraries, and their processes and structure.
  * Ability to communicate analyses using clear, concise language, and visual aids such as charts and visual presentations
  * Experience with online research and literature reviews
  * Excellent organizational, analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  * Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  * Ability to work independently and as member of a team
Desired Qualifications*

  * A Masters or Ph.D. student studying archives or digital libraries, and displaying a strong research background in these fields of study
  * Experience with designing and carrying out interviews, as well as analyzing/reporting on findings from interview-based studies
  * Students who have a good grasp of background knowledge in related areas like those listed below that are covered in courses offered at the University of Michigan School of Information:
  * 603: economics of sustainable information
  * 620: collection development and management
  * 625: digital preservation
  * 629: access systems for archival materials
  * 640: digital libraries and archives
  * 675: digitization for preservation
  * 510: data security and privacy: legal, policy, and enterprise issues
  * 729: access systems for archival materials
  * 737: special problems in archives administration
  * 529: eCommunities

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