The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), currently based at the Berkman
Center for Internet &

Society at Harvard University but moving to a permanent location by spring
2013, is an ambitious projectto make the cultural and
scientific heritage of humanity available, free of charge, to all. By adhering
to thefundamental principle of free and universal access to
knowledge, it will promote education in the broadestsense
of the term. That is, it will function as an online library for students of
all ages, from grades K-12 topostdoctoral researchers and
anyone seeking self-instruction; it will be a deep resource for
communitycolleges, vocational schools, colleges and
universities; it will supplement the services of public
librariesin every corner of the country; and it will
satisfy other needs as well--the need for data related
toemployment, for practical information of all kinds, and
for enrichment in the use of leisure.

**Content Division**  
The first major effort to add content to the DPLA is underway through the
Digital Hubs Pilot Project,funded by NEH, IMLS and the
Knight Foundation. The object of the Hubs Project is to strengthen
andconnect existing state infrastructure to create a system
of Service Hubs from which aggregated data fromlibraries,
museums, historical societies and archives are harvested. Each Service Hub
will offer a fullmenu of standardized digital services to
local institutions, including digitization, metadata
consultation,data aggregation and storage services, as well
as locally hosted community outreach programs bringingusers
in contact with digital content of local relevance. Service Hubs will serve as
an on-ramp for everyinstitution in a pilot state or region
to participate in the DPLA network.In addition to Service
Hubs, Content Hubs are those existing large digital libraries that will have a
one-toone relationship with the DPLA. Large digital content producers like the
National Archives and RecordsAdministration (NARA),
Harvard, and others will work with the DPLA directly to identify and
preparetheir collections for aggregation by the DPLA.
Content Hubs that will participate in the initial launch
ofthe DPLA are currently being identified with anticipation
of many more to follow.

**Position Description**  
The Project Manager position provides an opportunity to play an important role
in the development of ournational digital library by
working with DPLA staff and collaborators throughout the country.
 This position is only available through the ACLS Public
Fellows program.You may not contact the host institution to
inquire about this position.

The Project Manager will:

  * manage a portfolio of select research projects related to the Hubs project (including conducting research and analysis);
  * manage the addition of several content Hubs to DPLA, including project management of the process from agreement signing through ingestion of data and data evaluation;
  * write blogs posts, presentations, reports, white papers and other publications for promotion or dissemination of research or activities;
  * plan and organize internal and external meetings and workshops;
  * broaden the scope of participants through networking, focused outreach and or participation in conferences;
  * as part of a team, write grants to support content infrastructure development; and
  * act as an active participate in the overall development of the organization.

  * Ph.D. in the humanities or humanistic social sciences
  * Strong desire to research the impact of transformative technologies
  * Excellent writing skills and research, data analysis and analytical ability
  * Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  * Flexibility, initiative and strong problem-solving abilities
  * Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
  * Ability to work collaboratively and without supervision
  * Willingness to move to DPLA permanent headquarters (TBA by April 2013)
  * Knowledge of one or more of the following fields is desirable:
  * Digital Humanities
  * Digital Scholarship
  * Data Management/Curation
  * Data Modeling
  * Libraries and Scholarly Communication
Information on the ACLS Public Fellows Program:All applications must be
submitted through the ACLS Online Fellowship Application
deadline: March 27, 2013

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