I recently looked into similar services...

There are some cloud based vendors that do this. Abbyy, for example, 
offers one. But the cost seems rather high when working in bulk. I did 
the math and it didn't make sense for us....I think they market it 
towards people building mobile apps, not scanning books.

Luckily, the Internet Archive OCRs documents uploaded to it for free. 
And the OCR results are pretty good (or better than I ever got with 
Tesseract) . So I use that a lot. However, you have to upload your 
document in a specific zipped up package... I don't think there's a 
generic web form.

For something like that, I'd suggest ... Google Drive. It OCRs documents 
fairly well, although they have a size limit. We're using Google Apps 
for Education as our Digital Repository, so that works pretty well for a 
lot of our smaller documents...


Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> Does anybody here know of a Web-based OCR program or Web service?
> Many people want to do OCR against digitized texts. We all know of 
> various OCR applications (Adobe Acrobat, ABBYY FineReader, Google's 
> Tesseract, etc.), but they are not necessarily Web-based. As a service 
> to my university, I thought it might be cool (or "kewl") to support an 
> image to text application. Go to Web form. Submit one or more image 
> files. Have OCR done against them no matter how dirty the output. 
> Return plain text. As a bonus, the application would support a 
> REST-ful API.
> Does anybody know of something like this that exists already?
> --
> Eric Lease Morgan
> University of Notre Dame