FYI - the Image::OCR::Tesseract install was a real pain for me on RHEL. I kept running into problems getting one of the dependency modules Time::Format (Date::Manip::TZ_Base errors) installed on RHEL. Eventually I had to install Date::Manip via YUM, then do a force install of Time::Format. After that Image::OCR::Tesseract refused to recognice that the Tesseract executable was installed because the source code compile and installed placed the executable in /usr/local/bin and not /usr/bin. Once I moved the Tesseract executable to /usr/bin the Image::OCR::Tesseract module install worked fine (ImageMagick and Leptonica having been previously installed).


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Interesting. Printed for future reference. Thank you.

BTW, I did finally get Image::OCR::Tesseract to make, make test, and make install correctly. I did not have the correct/proper libraries installed for Tesseract's supporting Leptonica library. Now I need to find a PDF library similar to libtff and libpng. 

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