The Variations/FRBR project at Indiana University ( has completed work on the project funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant, "Variations as a Testbed for the FRBR Conceptual Model." We wanted to let you know about our most recent accomplishments.

1. Scherzo. In January 2012, we announced the availability of Scherzo, the search tool working off our FRBR-ized database of 80,000 sound recordings and 105,000 scores. Since that time, we have made substantial usability improvements and bug fixes to Scherzo. Scherzo is available at the following link:

A list of the improvements is given below.

  *   New single tab search interface with all advanced options
  *   Huge accessibility improvements on search interface and results pages
  *   Improved facets display (sorting and number of visible facets)
  *   Facet-like behavior for work results
  *   Valid HTML through results and pages
  *   Ability to remove individual search terms to modify search
  *   Improved display of information for manifestation results
  *   Improved display of work results (sorting, manifestations result count and view-all)
2. Linked Data Export. One objective of the V/FRBR project was to experiment with linked data. In 2011 we release our FRBR-ized data as an RDF export. This initial release had a number of shortcomings which we have since addressed. The major changes include: providing resolvable URIs and linking to existing external resources such as LC name authority records. The improved RDF data exports are available from the page linked below:

3. Sparql Endpoint. In addition to making RDF data available as downloadable exports, we have also implemented a SPARQL endpoint for interactive searching and browsing of the V/FRBR linked data. The SPARQL endpoint is available at the link below:

4. Linked Data Browsing From Scherzo. In addition to the two methods, above, for exploring linked data, we have added a link at the bottom of each manifestation detail view page in Scherzo. The "linked data" browsing link provides an interactive way to browse the linked data without having to compose SPARQL queries or download large data files.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our work, please email [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.


Mark Notess
Head, Teaching & Learning Systems Development
Library Technologies
Indiana University Bloomington Libraries
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