The Stanford Digital Language Lab (DLL) is managed by Academic Computing
Services (ACS), a division of Stanford University Libraries, in partnership
with the Stanford Language Center. The DLL 's mission is to provide resources,
facilities, and support for language instruction and learning to the entire
Stanford community. State-of-the-art teaching spaces, enterprise level
software resources, and expert support personnel combine to make the Language
Lab a dynamic and highly efficient teaching and learning facility. It is the
multilingual computing and assessment hub at Stanford, offering reliable audio
and video recording capability, foreign language digital media content, and
software images to support computing in multiple foreign character sets.

The Language Lab Service Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation
of the Lab including its educational, technical, and operational functions.
The Service Manager is responsible for collaborating with Academic Computing
Services (ACS) staff on the hardware, image, software, and documentation in
the Lab with a goal of ensuring that the lab is operational for faculty and
students every day it is open. The Service Manager is expected to provide
training to faculty and students on the use of the lab facility, as well as to
other ACS staff who support the space and the hardware.

The Service Manager will be a member of the ACS Faculty Services unit and will
report to a Manager within the Academic Technology Specialist Program. The
Service Manager will have an understanding of second language acquisition and
an expertise in the applications of technology to foreign language
instruction. This is a 4P2 position, with a possibility for qualification to a
4P3 position.

Specific Duties:

Instructional Support 60%

Work with the Language Center, Academic Computing Services, and faculty to
implement pedagogically sound iterations of technology into classroom.

Prepare, coordinate resources for, and administer Language Center assessments,
including placement tests in the fall and speaking (SOPI) and writing (WPA)
tests in the spring.

Relay information to instructional staff regarding new tools and techniques
appropriate to the lab environment.

Conduct regular workshops on lab usage and lab pedagogy for instructors.

Assist with classroom assessment projects.

At the 4P3 level:

Create video documentation of best instructional practices by instructors in
the Language Center, especially in the Language Lab.

Create public-facing video overviews of Language Center policies, programs,
and practices.

Investigate and evaluate new developments in computer and AV-assisted teaching
by maintaining relationships with external vendors, attending professional
meetings, and visiting facilities at other institutions.

Initiate collaborations and lead projects with instructors and other Language
Center staff to enhance teaching and learning that incorporates Language Lab

Initiate collaborations and lead projects with other staff to improve teaching
and learning technologies and methods in the Language Lab and other ACS
learning spaces.

Provide leadership in vision and design for the Lab, its classrooms, and other
classrooms and informal learning spaces managed by ACS. Initiate and implement
solutions that contribute to innovative and seamless learning environments for
faculty and students.

Learning Space Operations 30%

Collaborate with the ACS imaging team and other stakeholders to develop, test,
and locally manage software images for lab/classroom environments. Specify
requirements and conduct user acceptance testing.

Make sure that Lab/classroom equipment and other instructional resources are
maintained in working order and ensure their physical security.

Manage space, hardware, and software upgrades.

Promote services available in the lab on the Language Lab website. At the 4P3
level, this will include video capture, editing and production to promote and
explain services in the Language Lab and Language Center.

Create Language Lab spaces, hardware, and software documentation for support
staff and users. At the 4P3 level, this will include capture, editing and
production of videos tours and demonstrations of Lab spaces, hardware, and

Create reports of language lab operations, usage, and outcomes for both
internal and external audiences.

Coordinate course scheduling and open lab times.

Provide lab introductions for classes and conduct training for new instructors

Provide training on lab equipment, software, and workflows to other ACS
support staff.

Cross-functional Services and Projects 10%

Provide backup support and expertise to ACS classroom and learning space
support team.

Participate actively on cross-functional teams and projects, including
assessment of learning spaces and other ACS services.

Other duties as assigned.

At 4P3 level:

Initiate and lead cross-functional teams and projects relating to ACS learning
environments, their assessment, support, and/or operations.

Provide high level expertise, consulting, and training with classroom
technologies; serve as an ACS and campus resource.

Required Qualifcations:

The ideal candidate will have a record of innovation and creativity in making
technology accessible, understandable, and appealing to an academic audience,
and demonstrated leadership and resourcefulness in identifying and integrating
technological solutions to pedagogical needs.


A baccalaureate degree in a relevant field plus at least two years' experience
in academic computing. At the 4P3 level, a baccalaureate degree in a relevant
field plus five years' experience in academic computing with three years'
experience in a language lab or similar setting.

Strong and effective communication and interpersonal skills and demonstrated
successful experience working on teams. Demonstrated ability to interact
effectively and tactfully with members of the academic community and a proven
track record of experience working in an environment where colleagues have
diverse backgrounds and customs. A keen understanding of, and sensitivity to,
the human factors involved in introducing technology into teaching and

Excellent time management and project management skills. Demonstrated ability
to manage a complex workload, prioritize tasks, and use good judgment in
providing services based on goals. A successful track record of collaboration
in environments that include undergraduate and graduate students, academic
faculty, professional staff, and outside vendors.

Demonstrated experience applying technology in support of teaching and
learning foreign languages. Proven expertise with the applications, resources
and techniques used in language teaching. At the 4P3 level, three years'
experience teaching a second or foreign language.

Expert knowledge of Macintosh and Windows environments. Demonstrated
experience providing computing resources in a networked environment.
Demonstrated experience with audio production, classroom technologies, and
delivery of online tools. At the 4P3 level, two years' experience in both
small and large scale projects requiring video capture, editing, and

A commitment to excellence in a faculty service oriented environment.

Desired qualifications include:

At the 4P3 level:

An advanced degree in education, linguistics, or a foreign language.

Seven years' experience in academic computing.

Five years' experience in a language lab or similar setting.

Five years' experience teaching a second / foreign language.

Three years' experience with video capture, editing, and production.

Fluency in English and at least one other language.

At the 4P2 level:

At least three years' experience in academic computing.

At least one year experience in a language lab or similar setting.

At least one year experience teaching a second / foreign language.

At least one year experience with video capture, editing, and production.

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