It is that time of year again! OLITA is looking for Superconference 
2014 presentations that will shine a light on innovative uses of 
technology in libraries. We are looking for submissions from all types 
of libraries.

OLA Superconference: A Universe of Possibilities
January 29 to February 1, 2014

Proposals can be submitted at:

The submission deadline is May 17th.

Some topic suggestions:

Electronic and online publishing
Digital humanities scholarship and text mining
Data visualization
Web and mobile app development
Social media and communications
digital preservation/repositories
Maker culture and hackerspaces
Big Data/Open Data
Linked data and semantic web
Teaching technology and technical literacy
Online education
The Open Access future
Web accessibility

As well as:

Developing your own technical skills, online privacy, data privacy, 
data curation, discovery layers and universal resource managers, web 
analytics, responsive web design, eScience, gaming in the library, 
digital asset management, scholarly communications, tool and service 
assessment, GIS and mapping, online collaboration, 3D printing and 
wearable computing, cloud computing and storage, open sourcing 
development and use, tech lending.

These are only suggestions—please feel free to submit on any topic you 
think might be of interest to the OLITA community.

Types of Sessions:

Conference presentation time slots are approximately 75 minutes in 
length. If you are interested in presenting on or talking about a topic 
but do not you need a full 75 minute time slot, please indicate in your 
proposal your interest in being matched up with other presenters.

We are also accepting proposals for half-day Preconference workshops. 
OLITA will also be organizing a series of panels arranged around 
specific topics.

The program is established between May 23rd and June 27th. If you have 
not had a response to your proposal in the latter part of June, you are 
welcome to contact a division planner or the OLA office at 
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A separate call will go out at the beginning of September for Poster 
Session proposals, and for participation in the Child and Youth Expo.

Questions? Comments? Brilliant suggestions? Get in touch with the OLITA 

Andrew McAlorum
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Jacqueline Whyte Appleby
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Andrew McAlorum  | Digital Projects Librarian, ITS, University of 
Toronto Libraries | 416-978-3794 | [log in to unmask]