Hello, All and Jane
First I would like to appreciate Jane Jacobs at Queens Library providing me Urdu Romanization table. 
As we are working on creating Persian/Pushutu transliterate software, my Persian language expert has the following question :
" In according to our conversation for transliterating Persian to Roman letters, I faced a big problem: As the short vowels do not show up on or under the letters in Persian, how a machine can read a word in Persian. For example we have the word “پدر  "; to the machine this word is PDR, because it cannot read the vowels. There is no rule for the short vowels in the Persian language; so the machine does not understand if the first letter is “pi”, “pa” or “po”. Is there any way to overcome this obstacle? "
 This seems to me that we missed a critical piece of information here. (Something like a dictionary). Without it, there is no way to have good translation from computer. We will have to have a Persian speaker to check/correct the computer's transliteration. 
Any suggestions ? 

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Hi Yan,

As per my message to the listserve, here are the config files for Urdu.  If you do a Persian config file, I d love to get it and if possible add it to the MARC::Detrans site.  

Let me know if you want to follow this road.

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Hello, All,
I have a project to deal with Persian materials. I have already uses Google Translate API to translate. Now I am looking for an API to transliterate /Romanize (NOT Translate) Persian to English (not English to Persian). In other words, I have Persian in, and English out.
There is a Romanization table (Persian romanization table - Library of Congress<><>).

For example, If

????  should output as  Kit?b
My finding is that existing tools only do the opposite

1.      Google Transliterate: you enter English, output Persian (Input  Bookmark , output  ???????  , Input  ???????  , output  ???????  )

2.      OCLC language: the same as Google Transliterate.

3.  : works, but no API.

Anyone know such API exists?

Thanks much,