I'm a real newbie when it comes to such things, but what is the
possibility of using AJAX to cycle through each version of a page?  I'm
guessing that dynamic elements in each of those pages might pose a
problem (that I'll leave up to you coding experts to answer).  If it's
visuals you're really looking to get, it certainly would be a cool
effect to have the pages fade in and out.  And a timeline slider would
be nice.
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That helps a lot, because it's for websites which is what I want to

I am looking for changes in a site, and I have some archives, but tools
merging code are too labor intensive and don't give a good visual
that I can show to a supervisor.  This is good moving forward, but
cover historical pages.

I was hoping for something where I could call up two pages and get a
display of differences for the display version of html, not the code.


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> Hi, I'm not sure if you're really looking for a diff tool, so I'll
> shout an answer to a question that I think you might be asking. I use
> variation of the script posted here:

> for watching a web page for changes. I mostly only ever use this for
> watching for new artifacts to appear in Maven Central (because
> a web page is pretty dull "work").
> Hope this helps.
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> On 4/23/13 3:24 PM, "Wilhelmina Randtke" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >I would like to compare versions of a website scraped at different
> >to
> >see what paragraphs on a page have changed.  Does anyone here know
of a
> >tool for holding two files side by side and noting what is the same
> >what is different between the files?
> >
> >It seems like any simple script to note differences in two strings
of text
> >would work, but I don't know a tool to use.
> >
> >-Wilhelmina Randtke