I'd like to throw in another recommendation on Dokuwiki.  Out of the box, I'd call it about 80% of a solution, as there are some things I've wanted to do with it that have proven really difficult with existing modules strung together, but overall, it has the potential to do the job of a CMS well for many use cases.  If you're willing to invest the time in developing custom themes and plugins, it can do just about anything.


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I've used DokuWiki as a CMS for several website projects. The default theme is no great shakes, but you can theme it to look like anything and there are hundreds of plugins. I think the syntax it uses is much friendlier than that used by Mediapress.

I've also been curious about Octopress. Nominally a blogging layer for Jekyll, with the new version I think it can probably work as a CMS. It uses Markdown as the syntax.

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> Has anyone worked with file based CMSes,and do you have a 
> recommendation for one with simple backend?
> One of the issues with the CMS is that databases don't make sense to 
> people without background in them.  I want to look at static file 
> based CMSes with the goal of finding something that is easier to write 
> instructions on doing maintenance and backups for than is a database based CMS.
> -Wilhelmina Randtke