I installed copybar ( on a publib website where I freelance. For all sorts of reasons--which are common for libs--their county server has a moratorium on anything server-side, so a db-driven CMS isn't an option. Copybar is pretty groovy and user-friendly but for the caveat that any content produced in copybar (unless it's tied to another CMS like Wordpress) won't show for any no-js browsers. 

If basic HTML is an option, have you thought about a static site generator? Not all websites need databases. In terms of ease (and, ah ..., Windows compatibility) I've gotten totally behind Mixture ( -- presently in beta -- which has a pretty slick UI, can be templated, outputs raw HTML, and has a nice live reload in the browser (also compiles SASS and stuff, so bonus).

Not sure if those help your situation, but I think both tools--especially mixture--are the bee's knees.

Michael / Front-End Librarian in Ohgoditsgettinghotnow-Florida /

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Has anyone worked with file based CMSes,and do you have a recommendation for one with simple backend?

One of the issues with the CMS is that databases don't make sense to people without background in them.  I want to look at static file based CMSes with the goal of finding something that is easier to write instructions on doing maintenance and backups for than is a database based CMS.

-Wilhelmina Randtke