We've been using Cascade Server for about 4 years and while the CMS itself uses a database back, it publishes static HTML pages to whatever servers we want. I came from a shop that had a disastrous implementation of a data driven CMS in about 2005. So when we were shopping for a CMS I wanted something that would produce static HTML. 

I'm not sure if that's acceptable. 

The alternate which works well in some shops is dreamweaver templates. With someone smart doing the setup and documentation, I find them to be the best thing in the world for simple content. Not to mention, a very inexpensive solution.

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] File based CMSes

Has anyone worked with file based CMSes,and do you have a recommendation
for one with simple backend?

One of the issues with the CMS is that databases don't make sense to people
without background in them.  I want to look at static file based CMSes with
the goal of finding something that is easier to write instructions on doing
maintenance and backups for than is a database based CMS.

-Wilhelmina Randtke