PS - I should have mentioned that what I'm looking for is a mobile WEB framework. I'm not doing app development -- just trying to deliver reasonably simple HTML pages.


From: Ken Irwin
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2013 10:40 AM
To: Code for Libraries
Subject: mobile framework for Win 8 + iOS + Android?

Hi folks,

I'm looking for simple, JS-based mobile framework (like jQT, formerly jQuery Touch) that looks good on both iOS and Win 8 (and, you know, everything else).

For this particular purpose I'm NOT looking for a responsive framework (e.g. Bootstrap, Skeleton).

I just checked out jQT on a Win 8 phone, and it just plain doesn't work. The sizing is funny and the links DON'T WORK.

So: does anyone either
(a) know how to get jQT to work on a Win8 phone, or
(b) know of another good mobile framework that will work well on Win8, iOS, and Android?

I'm looking for something with simple implementation like jQT -- add a few classes and div attributes to turn a boring long page into something that behaves like a suite of pages.

Any ideas?