Just curious if anyone has any thoughts about this possibility (I already
> know it's not practical): Can I automatically forward to a database all
> emails sent to a specific email address? I've seen proprietary things like
> Email2DB, but is there a simple open source alternative?

> So I would create a simple email address (say, [log in to unmask]) to give to
> patrons (vs. pushing them to a site to fill out a PHP form), but I want to
> avoid using an email alias that will push all new emails into all alias
> members' email boxes. The admin site method then would allows loggers-in to
> claim new emails and others then to see them as 'read'.

This sound like exactly what a ticketing system like OTRS (, or RT
( does, when boiled down to its essentials. A
ticketing system will also allow users to track their requests in some sort
of interface, which might be of benefit.


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